Ostom-i wins AXA Health Tech Award

Equator was proud to sponsor the category of the Breakout Award at the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards. This year saw the Ostom-i innovation as the winner.

Equator is proud to have been this year’s category sponsor of the Breakout Award at the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards.

As an agency built upon the principles of Ideas for a Connected World, it makes sense for us to partner with organisations who share our values – in finding solutions derived from technology that make life easier, better and simpler. And every category nominee in this year’s awards did just that, from Lumo Lift’s innovative approach to promoting better posture through to StepJockey’s engaging and straightforward approach to encouraging exercise through stair-climbing.

But that feisty can-do attitude that drives so many great innovations are woven into the back story of this year’s award winner, Ostom-i from 11 Health. Founder and owner of 11 Health, Michael Seres, came up with the idea for their Bluetooth-enabled colostomy bag alert sensor because he found himself an ostomy patient in 2011 after being the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK. Having struggled with the inconvenience and challenges that being an ostomy patient brings, Michael researched what technological options were at his disposal. Having found there to be no easy and obvious options, he set about designing his own. With a crude sensor derived from parts he sourced online he had the makings of a workable product.

Partnering with entrepreneur and pharmacist Adam Bloom, they both took the product from working prototype to what it is today – a fully-fledged, medically approved, award-winning solution.

11 Health has already made major breakthroughs, working with Stanford, Kaiser and the Mayo Clinic to name but a few and we are sure that winning this award will further increase their profile here in the UK to continue to improve the life of ostomy patients.

By Martin Jordan, Innovation Director.