BrightonSEO presentation slides

Missed a talk at BrightonSEO? Not to worry - we've compiled a list of the slides from each of the presentations and talks at this year's conference!

The Brighton Dome was packed out once again for BrightonSEO, with Equator's SEO team venturing down to hear from some of the biggest names in digital marketing. If you weren't there though, don't worry - we've compiled a list of the available slides from the presentations.

The slides are ordered exactly the same as the BrightonSEO schedule for your convenience. Some of the slides from the presentations have yet to be released but we will be updating our list as soon as we source them. If you happen to come across any slides that we are missing then feel free to get in touch with us either directly or on Twitter or Facebook.

Morning Session

Future Proof

Nichola Stott, theMediaFlow – How Generation Z is Driving Change in Search UX: Brighton SEO 2016

Mel Carson, Delightful Communications – Discoverable, Sharable & Memorable: How to Make a Better Impression through Personal Branding

Rob Bucci, STAT Search Analytics – Deep diving into featured snippets: How to earn more and rise to the top


Barry Adams, Polemic Digital – How to find and fix crawl optimisation issues

Dawn Anderson, Move it Marketing – Hunting For Googlebot – The Quest For ‘Crawl Rank’

Oliver Mason, Freelance Technical SEO Consultant – Server Logs after Excel fails


Simon Jacobson, Microsoft – How search can empower marketers to connect user intent to brand experience

Saija Mahon, Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd. – Biddable media as a driver of demand fulfilment

Samantha Noble, Koozai – Harnessing the power of audience marketing through PPC


William Cecil, Traffic Optimiser – International Search – Four Pillars of Success


Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics – Ranking Factors Reloaded – Why Content Is Your Key To Success

Christoph Cemper, LinkResearchTools – Link Knowhow – 7 Things you didn’t know about links, redirects and rel-canonicals

Tom Bennet, Builtvisible – Site Speed for Content Marketers

Catherine Warrilow, Seriously PR – Epic PR fails and what we can learn from them


Sonia Mazzotta, Global University Systems – Getting into Google News: why it’s worth it

Rachael Dines, Shake It Up Creative Ltd. – Fundamentals of Video SEO

Andrew Halliday, – Basic Guide to Sever Analysis

Raj Nijjer, Yext – How Listing Data Impacts Local SEO for Enterprise and Brands

Success and Analytics

Rhys Jackson, RocketMill – Why marketers need a great A.S.S (download)

Arianne Donoghue, – What it’s like having GA Premium?

Stephen Kenwright, Branded3 – Engagement Rate Optimisation: How and Why to CRO All the Things

Juan Gonzalez, Sistrix – The trend is your friend – 10 examples of how bad SEO decisions can kill your upwards trend on Google


Judith Lewis, DeCabbit Consultancy – Technical Gotttas and Gotchas

Matteo Monari, BizUp – How to Survive the Merge of 2 Mega-Sites: 2 sites, 2 languages, 4 million daily PageViews

James Perrott, Zazzle Media – Guaranteeing success with your on site strategy

Nicole Bullock, CDK Digital Marketing – Google Webmaster Tools: The Search Consolation Prize?


Yiğit Konur, SEOzeo – Evaluation of User Experience: Inner-view to Google by Published Patents Related with User Experience

Aferdita Pacrami, 90 Digital – What games can teach us about user experience and conversion

Dominic Woodman, Distilled – Faster is Better: What is AMP and how useful is it?

Warren Cowan, OneHydra – Yes, the customer is always right: How giving customers what they want looks after your SEO (download)

Lunchtime workshops


Erica McGillivray, Moz – Putting Your Best Self Forward: Etiquette and Branding in Your Community

Stephanie Chitty, Dark Star Brewing Co – Marketing like a parent of three kids

Amy Brann, Synaptic Potential – Brains in Business

Afternoon Sessions


Jon Earnshaw, Pi Datametrics – How to Fix any SEO Problem

Lisa Myers & James Finlayson, Verve Search – Why SEO Needs to Get Emotional

Greg Gifford, DealerOn – Marketing to Local Customers


Conor McNicholas, AllTogetherNow – The Hybrid – Lessons from publishing that won’t destroy time and space.

Chantal Smink, Maxlead – Why you need a content cull

Amy Merrill, Page One Power – Debunking the Content = Links Fallacy


Natalie Jones, WooRank – Inbound Comedy: Stand out by making your audience laugh

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant – Reactivating Twitter accounts: proven techniques and methods

Olga Andrienko, SEMrush – Ways to localize your global brand


Jamie Peach, House of Fraser & Dipesh Pattni, PHD Media – Under the hood of client/agency partnerships


Colin Woon, Telefonica, 02 UK – How afraid should SEOs be of JavaScript?

Emily Mace, Oban Digital – International Targeting with Hreflang Tags

Jan-Willem Bobbink, – Using Free Machine Learning APIs for SEO

Content Strategy

Laura Hampton, Impression – How to Build Useful Audience Personas to Guide Your Digital Strategy

Mike Essex, Petrofac – Internal Communications: How to turn employees in to your greatest marketers

Hannah Butcher, – Hello, my name is blogger. Don’t make me mad!


Collette Easton, Linkdex – Secrets of Successful SEO Teams

Cosmin Negrescu, SEOmonitor – How to grow the hell out of your agency

Nancy Scott, Cancer Research UK – Gamifying SEO in large organisations


Siobhan Swainston, Ayima – Handling On-Site for Retail and Fashion Businesses

James Perrin, Feefo – In Pursuit of UGC – The Power of Genuine Customer Reviews

Alec Bertram, Allotment Digital Marketing – Ecommerce keyword research: Completing large-scale analysis in a small-scale world


Louise Li, Marks and Spencer – What Everyone Wants To Know About Google Direct Answers

Gerald Murphy, Manchester Metropolitan University – The Real Reason Why Google Invented Hummingbird

Rob Kerry, Ayima – Using PHP To Reclaim Your Organic Search Keyword Data

Afternoon Session Keynote Speaker

Nathalie Nahai, Web psychologist, International Speaker and Author – Creating Persuasive Content