Q&A with Carole Logan

Wondering what it takes to be part of our award winning web development team? We catch up with Carole Logan, senior web developer, to discover more about her role and the key skills needed in the web dev world.

Wondering what it takes to be part of our award winning web development team? We catch up with Carole Logan, senior web developer, to discover more about her role and the key skills needed in the web dev world.

Name: Carole Logan

Position: Senior Web Developer

Time at Equator: 2.5 years

Clients: I mainly work on hotel clients such as Village, Hotel du Vin and Malmaison.

How would you explain your role as a Senior Web Developer?

Most days I am scheduled for development work for our hotel clients. This can be a new site, a large change to an existing site or just a wee bug fix. I also spend time working with other developers, helping where needed and code reviewing. As an application developer, I mainly work in .Net C# based sites using Umbraco CMS. Hotel websites tend to have many third parties to integrate with like booking systems, payment providers and CRMs so this can make these projects really interesting and fun to work on.

Recently, I have also had a chance to work on our continuous integration solution and hosting environment, this was a nice change from usual development projects.

What do you find rewarding about working in web development?

I love the “it works!” moment when you have been coding away at something or fighting that really annoying bug and finally you have solved it. I love learning new things so any project that means I can work with a new technology or a different way of doing things is really rewarding.

What does 2016 look like in the world of web development?

This is where I look back next year and say “what were you thinking?” isn’t it? Well, here goes…

I think as technology in general is going towards the internet of things (buzzword alert!), all different devices connected and communicating with each other. Therefore, web development will be less based in a traditional browser and more towards getting the data and presenting it to users from these devices such as mobiles, beacons, wearables and even fridges apparently!

The last few years, starting as mainly being a server side web developer I have seen my time spent more and more on client side work. With the rise in popularity of Javascript frameworks to make this possible like AngularJS and ReactJS I have been increasing my Javascript knowledge to support these changing trends. I see this trend continuing in 2016. Which framework will be the next developer favorite? I am not even going to try and predict!

What are the key skills and attributes required to be a good web developer?

Some people may not agree on this one, but I think being willing to learn and having good communication skills are the most important attributes in a developer. You can hire someone who knows a particular language inside out and will just sit in headphones coding all day, but we need to be able to adapt to changing requirements and sometimes this means picking up another language or framework. I have seen developers in previous jobs who have been doing this same thing for 10 years and once they were asked to start coding in another language, they couldn’t!

Working at an agency, we get to work with people from all departments (design, production, SEO, IT, account management, etc.) and we need to be able ask the right questions and work as a team to build what the client is looking for. Being the stereotypical coder sitting hacking away on their own isn’t how it really is.

What is the best piece of advice you would give someone looking to develop a career in web development?

Based on the above answer, never stop learning! We are in an industry that changes all the time and to progress you will need to be willing to keep up to date. I try to do this via social media, blogs and tech meet ups.

What is your favourite thing about working with Equator?

I like getting the chance to work with different clients and being involved throughout the process of creating a website, for example requirements gathering and estimation, rather than just the development. I also like the friendly environment of working here, you can go and ask for help or advice from anyone if you need it, which is nice! Also, the gym membership is pretty good too!

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