The first week on 2016 on social

From 20,000 people watching a puddle, to the news that Twitter might increase character count to 10,000 - a look at the first week of 2016 on social.

2016 came in with a bang, with the first working week being a very busy one for those in the world of social media, with almost 20,000 people watching a puddle.


Possibly one of the most British things to happen of all times, the live streaming of a very large puddle (our director of social media and PR did predict Periscope would be big in 2016!) was actually started by a creative agency and led to a whopping amount of views as internet users watched people try to cross the very large puddle in Newcastle.

A ‘slippery when wet’ sign and someone trying to get across in a lilo were among the highlights of the live stream, with brands such as Star Wars, Dominos and ASOS all jumping on (in?) the puddle bandwagon.