PPC team go to Bing Ads Connect UK in London

Read about our PPC team’s recent visit to London to hear about what Bing have been up to and what’s in the current pipeline at the Bing Ads Connect UK.

The PPC team here at Equator recently travelled down to the Bing Ads Connect UK conference in London to hear about the release of some of their new products and search insights.

The event itself was being held in the stylish Ham Yard Hotel adding to the cool and clean style in which Bing have represented themselves here in the big smoke. We were immediately greeted with a fantastic swag bag which included a Bing selfie stick, a Bing Bluetooth speaker and a Bing portable phone charger. This obviously impressed us from the get go. As this was my first PPC conference I was very impressed with the gifts and felt this boded very well for the talk ahead.

We had a full day itinerary, but out of all of the talks the one I was most looking forward to was ‘Bing Ads Innovation’. This looked at the exciting new products and betas being released in the next few months. Along with the release of the Bing Ads Shopping Beta (similar to Google Shopping), Bing have also released image extensions. These were also similar to the ones Google had release, but offered more flexibility in what the image contained. This is a great extension to use for those looking to promote a product or service and will set your ad apart from your competitors.

Image extensions are a way to visually promote your product or service, help increase traffic, raise brand awareness and elicit better quality traffic by showing searchers up front what to expect when they click your ad. – Pankesh Jhaveri Program Manager at Bing Ads

The highlight for me though, was the talk of a new button extension which is looking to have a 2016 release. There is currently very little information on this, but my understanding of it was that you could have a ‘Book Now’ CTA button as part of your ad extension which would then take the user to the booking page. This will obviously cut down a few processes for the user, increasing CR% & ROIs.

New products aside, there were also very interesting stats when utilising the tools available within the Bing. For example, using the demographic targeting tool, retail customers saw a 40% higher CTR. We also learned about the importance of the broad match keyword. 30% of daily searches are ne and a massive 57% of potential impressions are lost to competitors when broad matched keywords aren’t used, therefore utilising that broad match and ensuring you are in front of these new users is vital.

Bing reps also discussed how the rise of ‘voice search’ and how we need our PPC campaigns – specifically our keyword lists – to adapt. This is particularly growing more popular with a younger generation as they become more open to using personal assistants.

Search Engine Watch released an interesting article with regards to the rise of voice search and how the keywords used are generally longer tail. They also mention how the use of voice search is “marked by the use of question words: Who, what, where, why, and how”.

These can then be added to a purchase funnel to help identify the user’s intent.

Credit http://searchenginewatch.com/

All in all this was a great conference with some brilliant insights into what we are currently seeing and what we can expect in the upcoming months. Looking forward to the next one!

by Jess Bazinet, Search Executive