Teaching West College Scotland about the digital marketing mix

Jess Bazinet discusses her digital marketing mix presentation for the HNC communication and media class at West College Scotland & improving understanding of digital.

I was asked by an old lecturer of mine Julie Laing at West College Scotland (formerly known as Clydebank College) to talk to the HNC Communication and Media class about digital marketing. Although I was very nervous, I was really looking forward to it as there was very little discussion on the digital side of marketing when I was a student there, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to the students about the importance of digital.

Less than 8 years ago I had completed my HNC & HND in Clydebank College followed by getting my Master’s Degree at Caledonia University for the same course, but neither institution spoke much about digital when discussing marketing or advertising. This seemed to be the same across the board when speaking to post marketing students from other universities and colleges.

After speaking to Julie about my lack of digital experiences within education, she informed me that it is now a priority to get kids thinking about things like social media marketing or even learning about ranking positions in Google search. She has now dedicated some time for the class to start their own blogs and to think about ways to market themselves online.

I was very nervous about delivering this presentation so this gave me the extra push I needed to get the class, if not excited; at least thinking about the different things they can do within digital marketing. I created slides with a focus on each channel and even though I presented them individually, I also explained how they actually work in an integrated fashion. I also wanted to point out all of the cool things you can do with each channel, using examples such as Voyages SNCF’s award-winning Display Banner Contest for Psychopaths & World Wildlife Fund’s social media #lastselfie campaigns. Both of these campaigns show how creative and fun digital marketing can be. They also showed that one campaign for one channel can actually see increase in engagement in other channels.

My favourite part about the presentation was at the end when I asked the class to come up with a brand and choose which channels they would use to market these. We were running out of time so we couldn’t go through all of these, but my favourite would have to be “Joffreeze” a Game of Thrones themed iced treat brand, selling products such as ‘Jon Snow Cones’. One group even chose PPC to market their brand, which for anyone who knows PPC, to get someone who had never heard of it before and choose it as their preferred marketing channel, is in itself amazing.

by Jess Bazinet, Search Executive