Is there space for luxury brands in the affiliate industry?

One of the questions that we often hear in the wonderful world of affiliates is whether or not we are the right channel for luxury brands.

One of the questions that we often hear in the wonderful world of affiliates is whether or not we are the right channel for luxury brands. There can be a string of misconceptions that can lead to raised eyebrows prior to any programme launch, however for us, there is huge potential and great opportunity to not only raise brand awareness but acquire a whole new host of customers without diluting your brand values. How is that done, you ask? Read on...

First and foremost, the affiliate channel gives you a platform to stand out from competitors by securing leading exposure placements with your selected affiliate mix. We understand the importance of brand protection and it goes without saying that when choosing partners to develop a relationship with, you can lay out the ground rules around your brand requirements. You can hand-pick publishers that you know will align with your brand objectives and tap into their targeted customer base. For example, you can promote to exclusive consumer groups through cashback affiliates or be included in sector specific email inclusions. It’s all about timing and selecting what is most relevant for you. Keeping things exclusive means you have presence among competitors without diluting any brand values when utilising the channel effectively. Gone are the days of heavy discounting, it’s all about being at the right place and sharing the right offer that represents your brand in the most meaningful way.

Here at Equator, we are strong believers at putting your customer at the heart of the online shopping journey. With the sheer volume of choice out there you need to be engaging, informative and ready to entice, excite and encourage shoppers. What are you doing differently to provide your customer with a luxury experience? Are you tapping into the aspirational shopper, or the customer who makes one-off purchases over a long period of time? The affiliate channel allows you to increase your brand awareness among a new customer audience, and by monitoring performance we can gain great insights and learnings about their purchase patterns. A tool that helps us do this successfully is Affiliate Window’s cross device tracking which enables us to analyse traffic and booking journeys across both desktop and mobile devices, giving us a more accurate representation of the customer’s multi-faceted journey.

A final consideration for luxury brands that is noteworthy is the opportunity to work with editorial content publishers who act as fantastic influencers for your brand. How you interact with your customer is extremely important and personal touch makes all the difference. This can be achieved by integrating with bloggers who can produce quality content about specific locations or products you want to raise awareness of. Commission Junction’s Content Certified Programme allows us to identify the most relevant publishers to work with, making it easy to connect with content publishers that can promote your brand experience and add value to your affiliate marketing efforts.

To conclude, there are an array of benefits the affiliate channel can bring to your luxury brand and with the right mix of placements, customer insights and content, you’ve got nothing to lose! The team will be hitting up PMI London at the end of this month if you fancy a chat; you’ll find us at @equator_aff and we’d love to hear from you!

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