Equator takes the next step towards cracking mobile...

We are now living in the year of the mobile phone, where mobile search enquiries will overtake those by desktop. Google Guru Martin Kelly takes a look...

We are now truly living and breathing in the year of the mobile phone, where mobile search enquiries will finally overtake that seen by desktop.

It’s no longer the case that we just happen to find ourselves online; we now live online and for a great deal of the time we do so via our mobile devices with the average person checking their phone 150 times a day. Whether that is keeping up to date with emails, checking our diaries, posting on social media or sometimes even making a phone call, we are constantly in close proximity to our shiny mobile best friend. With this being the case it’s our responsibility as an agency to deliver effective mobile strategies for our clients, across all sectors, speaking to customers at the right moments and deliver solutions.

Equator has always had a positive relationship with Google and we collaborate with our friends there time and time again to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns for our clients. I recently attended Google Partner’s Mobile Guru Day which involved taking part in various workshops designed at educating the attendees on how to capitalise on the growing popularity of mobile. This was not only built around the services Google provide but also the analysis we can utilise and mould into a narrative, that paints a picture for our individual client accounts because after all, everyone’s needs are different. Taking part in these workshops and gaining this level of insight meant that I left Google’s HQ as a fully fledged Mobile Guru, one of only forty three in the UK to date.

What does this mean for Equator and our clients?

Aside from the impressive title, what does it mean for Equator to have a Mobile Guru as part of our team? Well, it puts Equator at the forefront of the mobile revolution and ensures that we are first to know about important industry trends, where the growth areas are, what products are currently available that allow us to capitalise on these areas of opportunity and what products and/or services are soon to be made available by Google. It allows us to work closer with Google than we have before, giving us access to product experts that will go a long way to improving the knowledge of everyone here at the agency. I have already partnered with our Agency Strategist and held my very own Mobile Guru Workshop here at Equator to give each of the departments here an insight into what is happening in the world of mobile and how we can come together and truly benefit our clients mobile strategies because that at the end of the day is the essence of what we do here at Equator.

Identifying the right moments to speak with customers via mobile communications has been earmarked as the future battleground for digital marketing and will be the biggest challenge for our clients and in turn us. Finding the right solution is paramount in today’s modern world. It’s what can open up endless realms of possibilities for our clients and is exactly why we seek out opportunities such as this one. Becoming a Mobile Guru doesn’t just benefit us as an agency or me as an individual but allows Equator to not only deliver innovative and effective mobile strategies but introduce forward thinking ideas for an increasingly connected world.

by Martin Kelly, PPC Executive