Marketing Lifts Off with Fuselab Go

Our Affiliate Team Leader Sean took part as a mentor for Fuselab Go, an innovation boot camp for 15-18 year olds organised by the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

An early start this past Tuesday morning saw me boarding a bus in Glasgow and heading for pastures afresh (Greenock!).

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a mentor for Fuselab Go, an event for 15-18 year olds organised by the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Fuselab Go is an opportunity for young people all over Scotland to design, prototype and put their big ideas to the test in a series of workshops, talks and events over two days. As Head of Affiliates here at Equator, my role for the day was to mentor the teams on marketing and applying my day to day knowledge and skill-set to the otherworldly ideas they came up with.

Otherworldly is definitely the right word as the guys were divided into four teams and placed on four very different new planets ā€“ the sub-aquatic Oceana, the volcanic Tundra, the harsh Desert planet and the lush bounty of the off-world Rainforest! With vastly different environments, challenges and resources on each world, each team was tasked with coming up with a unique idea that would benefit their new home world and the folks back home on Earth.

The range of innovative and inventive ideas that the teams produced was really impressive. From the luxury spa and hotel facility on the Tundra to the Amphibian Reasearch Centre on Oceana, the Hot Dam hydro project on the Rainforest planet and the cactus/tomato hybrid that could grow in the harsh Desert planet; one thing was evident ā€“ the creativity and teamwork on display was second to none.

From a totally selfish perspective, I really got a kick out of seeing how the knowledge I apply to our array of clients here at Equator could relate to these great ideas. For example, the idea of promoting direct bookings and up-selling spa and leisure treatments fit perfectly with the luxury Tundspa resort. Before I knew it there were a whole host of spa treatment packages being put together and a number of beauty products being designed that could be sold back on earth to promote brand awareness!

Iā€™d like to thank the team at Edinburgh International Science Festival for giving me the opportunity to mentor for the day and also to our hosts at Texas Instruments in Greenock for looking after us so well. If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking part in future Fuselab Go events, then head on over to the site and fill out this form

By Sean Mahon, Affiliate Team Leader