MD John McLeish focuses on sails this December

Not a typo! We really do mean sails, our MD John will be sailing across the Atlantic during December

December is nearly here and for many people the festive season brings challenges - which Christmas parties to go to, what to buy that difficult friend for Christmas or whether to eat your third mince pie...however this festive season our Managing Director, John McLeish has decided to challenge himself in a completely different way, by heading across the Atlantic in a sailing boat!

John will be joined by a team of equally experienced sailors on the Aurelia of Falmouth cruiser. Don’t worry though, they aren’t going it alone! The sailing is part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), an annual event in which dozens of cruisers sail together in a friendly rally across the Atlantic.

The race starts on the 20th November, leaving from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands with a final destination of Rodney Bay in sunny St Lucia. The majority of boats are expected to arrive between the 10th & 15th December depending on weather and tides.

You can keep up to date with John’s journey by following the Aurelia on the following link:

We'll also be posting updates below from the man himself throughout his journey...

24 November 2014

Weather looking good. Today is the day after our postponement yesterday due to adverse weather. We all came here to avoid the Scottish weather, little did we know it was worse here. All good today though, so here we go!

27 November 2014

Day 3 and disaster struck onboard the Aurelia. The unit which powers all of the onboard facilities stopped working. All day yesterday I contacted engineers and electricians connecting them to john sat phone in the hope that they could sort out the problem. Unfortunately they were all unable to help. Having no facilities, ie instruments, cooking, water making, or toilets, John, Henry and the rest of the crew had to decide whether to turn back or carry on. They voted unanimously to carry on and complete the race. They have bottled water, tins and packet food which they will now ration, and will use the old fashioned method of travel, sextant and stars. Just like being 'in the jungle' only at sea. This is going to be a 'real' toughie.

01 December 2014

One week into the adventure and the water supply has been fixed. . Distance so far is about 1200 miles, total distance is about 4850 miles so we are approaching the halfway point within a day or two.