A reflection on collaboration

Project Executive Ian gives his take on collaboration

This is an article about collaboration

I took a trip to Braemar to interview Alistair Roberts & Ross Whyte - two musicians working at complete opposite ends of the popular music spectrum. Alistair is a folk musician immersed in Scottish traditional song and a skilled guitarist. Ross is an electronic musician comfortable writing abstract pieces for contemporary dance. Yet here they are, in an abandoned church in Braemar, creating together.

Rather than being protective of their discipline, they are open to each other’s influence. Alistair has his voice manipulated and modulated by a laptop in real time; Ross grapples with an old Harmonium. They have been thrown together by a funding body and commissioned to make something without much of a brief - investing themselves in the project and tearing away at layers of convention to get to the heart of something, to make something beautiful. To properly collaborate, both sides have to invest themselves in each other.

This made me reflect on working at Equator and how this truth holds. Whether it’s a developer and a designer or a project team with a client - we all have to invest in each other and trust that the end product will be more beautiful for our collaborative efforts.

With so many wonderful ways of communicating across huge distances now we can collaborate quicker and more effectively than ever before. But perhaps when creating something that bit different, getting together face to face in an inspirational location could deliver more inspirational results.

By Ian Gregson, Project Executive