A year in the life of an Equator Graduate Intern

Completing a 4 year honours degree is feat enough never mind the pressure of finding a job.

Completing a 4 year honours degree is feat enough never mind the pressure of finding a job.

When I was given the opportunity to experience a year of the Equator life as a Graduate Intern, I was over the moon. Not only was the pressure of finding a job eased, but my love of the online market had opened up to me and I was going to experience everything about a website and its marketing abilities.

My time at Equator started back in January 2014 when I arrived at the Glasgow HQ with great excitement and a good case of nerves too. I was taken by the hand into my team and shown the way in which they work. Each department has its function in the company, but one great aspect was getting to find out how each department works together to achieve a project or task for a client. From the very start I was lucky to see a website flourish from its beginnings, from the first processes of the scoping session through to the final push of the button for the go live date, every aspect was exhilarating.

Although each day brings a new challenge and the hours can be long at times, it is more than rewarded by the family orientated ethos and the down time that we arrange as a company to make the most of the time we have. Each company event we have is attended with such pride and great enthusiasm, like the up and coming Great Scottish run that a handful of the company are taking part in, with the rest of the workforce in full support of the participants.

Every day I seem to learn so much and what you realise is that as much as a degree is so valuable in gaining the job, what you learn in those classes does not prepare you for what the working day and what life has in store for you in the agency industry. With 8 months completed out of the 12 month internship, I feel that the learning of a digital marketing agency is only at its beginning for me and there is still so much to be learned and to give back to the company

With so many things happening within Equator, both professionally with each client but also within the internal team, having the opportunity to learn and grow at Equator has been unbelievable and the next 4 months will be one that I definitely will not want to go fast or miss.

By Ellie Kynaston, Graduate Trainee

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