#EQTRBBQ 2014..... Back to the Island.

A roundup of what happened at the annual Equator Barbecue.

If you happen to be friends with Bear Grylls and he offers you a trip to an island, just say no. If you happen to work for Equator and they offer you a trip to an island, just say yes. That’s right, it was our, now infamous, annual barbecue on a little island on Loch Lomond last Saturday and it was certainly quite a day.

Everything kicked off at 11am with everyone meeting at our office on Elliot Street, a giant double decker bus was parked outside ready to take us on our way. Laura Franzini did a fantastic job of rounding us all up and making sure everyone actually made it onto the bus. Thanks Laura we (genuinely) wouldn’t have made it there without you!

We arrived at Luss where the speedboats were waiting to take us to the island. The weather was about to take a turn for the worse and the water was particularly choppy – which made for an exciting journey! After bouncing over the waves we arrived, soaking wet but otherwise intact.

The DJ was already set up, the coolers well stocked and the team busy preparing the buffet. In true Equator style the drinks were free flowing and the food was fantastic. The Hog Roast was as good as ever (in fact Brent might have eaten more than last year) and there were also burgers, hotdogs, pasta, salad and much more.

Soon after arriving the rain began to pour, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. In fact quite the opposite... tempted by the icy waters of Loch Lomond some of Equator’s bravest gentlemen decided to take an afternoon dip. Luckily Gerry had packed a pink lilo, so they could really relax in the Loch!

Sadly Jacqueline and Lesley’s favourite rope swing from last year was gone, but the giant Jenga, Connect 4 and swing ball definitely made up for it – and brought out everyone’s competitive side. As the afternoon went on the makeshift dance floor filled up and some interesting dance moves were spotted. Brent showed off some off some of his salsa skills and the marketing team made sure to take a good few selfies.