An intro to Hummingbird

The latest iteration of Google’s search algorithm, was announced by the Senior VP of Search Amit Singhal on September 26th, but launched at least a month prior to that. Google believe it is currently affecting at least 90% of all queries. In short Google’s “Hummingbird” represents the biggest change to search (as opposed to rankings) since the “Caffeine” update.

When Pinterest announced that they would soon be incorporating ads, we were excited but also worried that the user experience would be hindered. However after an initial test launch it seems that the ads are fairly subtle and also quite relevant, which makes us pretty happy!

Promoted Pins appear to seamlessly fall into the top spots of Pinterest’s search results and categories. This makes the Promoted Pins relevant of course, which also adds to the user experience. Of course the same problem presents itself as with the doubters in the early days of Facebook advertising – are Pinterest users in a purchasing state of mind? We feel that as long as the pins can remain relevant to the user, this will play an important role in the purchase journey.