Brand Friendly Facebook

Earlier this month, we saw Facebook make yet another attempt to lure brands into advertising on the social networking platform. Until very recently, advertising on Facebook was not the safest of options as ads could appear next to unpleasant content if niche targeting was not defined, as highlighted by a complaint from BSkyB.

Google recently announced it was rolling out a change to the local search listings for US based Searches, which they intend to roll out internationally 'over time'. This new layout is a disruptive change that will have major effects on the local search space.

The key element of this layout is that a Carousel across the top of the page now replaces the old 'map pack' listings. The Carousel has been visible in the UK for some months for Knowledge Graph results such as 'things to do in ….. ' and ' best rock albums'.

As this is a new development it's likely that Google will be tweaking it further in the weeks and months ahead. There is no indication from Google as to when this change will roll out in the UK.

Old layout including map-pack Vs New Carousel layout

Old layout including map-pack Vs New Carousel layout