Twitter keyword targeting

Twitter recently announced that it will be rolling out keyword targeting on the social media network.

Twitter recently announced that it will be rolling out keyword targeting on the social media network.

This is a new advertising venture which will support promoted tweets to reach targeted users based on their live conversations.

This new feature, according to Twitter, will allow businesses to "reach users at the right moment, in the right context". Using keyword search, it will enable your business to promote products or services more specifically.

Twitter explains that if a user is talking about their favourite band and it so happens that the band is on tour then venues hosting the event would be able to set up geo-targeted campaigns using relevant keywords for the band with a Tweet containing a link to buy tickets. The user who had previously tweeted about the band could soon see a promoted tweet in their feed letting them know about the gig.

It is being said that Twitter is beginning to follow suit of Google by using tools similar to what you might use for search. Brands on the social network are able to target promoted tweets towards users based on their conversations using parameters such as their location to help ensure stronger targeting.

So will Twitter keyword advertising work?

This could be a potential gold mine for businesses that use it effectively however, it has to be ensured that the tool is used appropriately and that sufficient research has taken place to guarantee that the promoted Tweets will be reaching the right users.

Twitter have shared their successful test stories for brands: Go Pro, Everything Everywhere, Microsoft Japan and Walgreens. Go Pro confirmed that after testing the Twitter tool they saw close to two million impressions and engagement rates as high as 11%.

Twitter Keyword Targeting provides brands with the opportunity to learn about a user's intent and the chance to deliver relatable advertisements that are more likely to encourage a response.

The great thing about Twitter Keyword Targeting is that it's not likely to provoke a negative response from its users. The tool won't 'spam' users with endless advertisements, Twitter made it clear that advertisements on timelines will not increase, but instead they should be improving the user's Twitter experience by giving them more personalised information based around their interests etc.

Will you be implementing Twitter Keyword Targeting into your social media plan? Share your thoughts with us!