Tap into the expanding affiliate market in Australia

A recent article on Marketing Land highlighted Australia as an opportune location for merchants looking to expand their programme overseas.

A recent article on Marketing Land highlighted Australia as an opportune location for merchants looking to expand their programme overseas.

'As marketers continue to scope out new opportunities overseas, the affiliate channel will be embraced as one of the most effective ways to enter new markets' Scott Allan, Marketing Land

Australia presents many new opportunities for the affiliate channel. Vast technological advances alongside a rise in online spend are key drivers for the affiliate channel and e-commerce down under.

Significant opportunities in e-commerce have arisen in the continent due to a major shift in its technology infrastructure. The federal government in the continent is currently implementing the 'National Broadband Network' which will allow its citizens to be among the most connected users in the world. No business or home will be without high speed internet connection once this infrastructure has been fully implemented.

Recent research by the National Australia Bank Online Retail Sales Index has also shown that Australians are spending more online than ever before and the National Broadband Network will only further increase online spend.

'As technology accommodates faster Internet connections and more Australians shop online, the continent is poised for continued growth. In many ways, this is a widely untapped market for online retailers of all sizes.' Scott Allan, Marketing Land

The affiliate channel offers the most direct and cost effective way to reach local audiences in Australia. If you would like to break into the affiliate marketing landscape down under, keep note of these 5 key recommendations:

  1. Accommodate international shipping - many merchants remove barriers that will deter potential buyers by picking up the cost of international shipping. It's also an idea to carry out some marketing research in the local online market to ensure your shipping costs and delivery time reflects the norm.

  2. Ensure that campaigns are localised - not all campaigns and promotions translate well overseas so make sure your campaigns reflect the local culture of your new target market

  3. Work with a global affiliate network - do your research and sign up with a network which has great presence in Australia and an affiliate base that matches your business needs. This will allow you to tap into the key affiliates that can drive the best results for your business as well as being able to gain local expertise from the network who will know what works in the Australian market

  4. Prepare your mobile strategy - mobile commerce in on the rise globally and Australian online retailers have focussed their investments in developing quality mobile sites. Make sure your mobile site matches the high standard of the local market to allow you to have a competitive offering.

  5. Provide a great online experience - According to Marketing Land, 29% of Australian adults do not purchase goods online as they like to see and feel a product before they buy it. Developing a great online experience that bring your products to life will help to diminish these concerns and convert Australians to online shoppers.

The affiliate channel offers an effective route to break into the budding Australian market. Now is the time to put your affiliate plans in place to take advantage of the great opportunities Australia has to offer in the near future. If you could like any information on how you could expand your business into the Australian market, contact the affiliate team at Equator and we will be happy to discuss potential opportunities.