Does Facebook Home mean anything for marketers?

You probably heard the rumours, but speculation over the Facebook phone is over.

You probably heard the rumours, but speculation over the Facebook phone is over.

Rather than develop a whole phone, the folks at Facebook were actually developing a user interface system for android compatible phones, which brings Facebook to the centre of your phone (and potentially world, if Facebook have their way).

This is said to benefit users who according to Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, spend around 20% of your time on the network and 25% of your time if you throw in Facebook owned app Instagram.

How will it work?

From the moment the user turns on their phone, the Facebook Home application will become their home screen, notification board and communication tool. It delivers upfront notifications for not just Facebook but other apps too, and provides quick access to all the essentials on an android phone.

The two primary components of the app include Cover Feeds and Chat Heads. The Cover Feed provides the user with status updates, photo captions and icons to like and comment on activity on Facebook. Whereas, the Chat Heads function is a means to communicating with friends, family and colleagues as and when they interact, straight from a phone's home screen.

So what does this mean for marketers?

For those who market themselves online there could be a very obvious opportunity here. If this app proves to be successful, its users are more than likely going to spend more time on the social media network. This could lead to marketers being able to push targeted campaigns at the users more often thus adding to revenue.

Currently, it is noted that Facebook ads do not work as well on phones due to smaller screens making the advertisement less effective. However with the improvements to Facebook visualswithin Facebook home, Zuckerberg announced that ads will soon be available on the larger home screen on the app alongside users status updates, photos, and videos and so on.

There could be several advantages and disadvantages to this approach. If the targeting is right and provides the consumer with engaging and useful information, this approach could be taken positively and may lead to potential sales and customer acquisition. However, with Facebook hinting that they will be showing ads on locked screens also, many would argue that this approach will be too invasive…which could lead to users abandoning the app.