Google unveils 2012 search zeitgeist

Google has unveiled its annual Zeitgeist report in which it details the top searches for the year.

Google has unveiled its annual Zeitgeist report in which it details the top searches for the year. In the UK the top searches for 2012 were:

  • Euro 2012 - Second biggest international football tournament taking place every 4 years,
  • England involved Olympic tickets - The London Olympics influenced search greatly this year
  • Whitney Houston - Died in February 2012
  • Kate Middleton - Continued high profile and pregnancy announced in late 2012
  • April Jones - Young girl who went missing in October
  • Netflix - Growing movie streaming service
  • NatWest Online - Large UK bank
  • iPad 3 - New version of iPad launched in March 2012
  • Gary Barlow - Continued involvement in X-Factor and Take That
  • Gangnam style - Dance craze video has been huge world wide

The Zeitgeist website allows you to drill down by country as well as specific 'most searched' and 'trending' categories, including TV Shows, Music Artists, Travel destinations, local places and more.

Amongst the more interesting data sets are the 'how to' searches, how to meditate, searchers looking for alternative methods to tune out of busy lives perhaps? Plus how to knit and how to crochet - is the DIY fashion ethic becoming more mainstream?

Which searches will make the 2013 zeitgeist list? 2012 has been very 'big event' driven with Euro 2012 and the London Olympics taking place - 2013 doesn't really have anything comparable on the horizon - aside possibly from the World Athletics Championships in Russia in August. Will we see traditionally other big annual sporting events, which will have UK interest, returning to the top of the searches? For example, the Tour de France, Wimbledon and the Champions League?

It's not difficult to see Kate Middleton remain near the top of the searches for 2013, with a baby due at some point in the summer. Other searches are less predictable, as evidenced by Whitney Houston, April Jones and Gangnam style from 2012.

Monitoring search engine trending topics can be valuable for any business. Keeping an eye on social media trends from Twitter or YouTube as well as Google News and Google Trends 'Hot Searches' is a worthwhile exercise. Creating great content based around relevant and topical stories can help generate website traffic, and enhance your social media profile in the process.