Why you need to be on Pinterest this Christmas

With Christmas approaching, our social media team tell you why Pinterest is a great way to increase your social referrals and ultimately, sales.

At the beginning of the year, Pinterest was the hot new social property on the block. Although the initial hype might be dying down, the platform is nothing to be ignored this holiday season.

reports have found that e-commerce has now overtaken the high street for shoppers. With the cold weather on the way and the increasing ease of online shopping, internet retailers can expect huge returns this winter. This shift in consumer behaviour means that digital is more vital than ever for reaching your customers with social being a key player in the referral game.

Pinterest boasts over 100M unique visitors per month and with a great visual interface, the relatively new social platform has proven to be strong in pushing sales for retailers. Not only does the site drive higher numbers of new customers, Pinterest users also spend more than twice as much as those from Facebook.

As Christmas approaches, expect pin-walls to be full of party fashion, gift, food and craft ideas. A survey by Bizrate last month found that the majority of Pinterest users visit the site to get inspiration on what to buy. With the site effectively being used as a public virtual shopping list by consumers, brands can use this to their advantage to reach a wider audience and ultimately drive those much needed sales.

So what should you be doing?

  • Ensure all your products are 'pinnable' the Pinterest 'pin-it' icon is as vital as the Twitter and Facebook buttons. If you want consumers to share, you need to make it as easy as possible.
  • Be searchable - use keywords in your descriptions so users can easily find your content and always use the correct categories to avoid looking like spam.
  • Create ideas boards don't just simply pin your products, organise them into events and themes. House of Frasers' boards are a great example.
  • Be active to keep your followers engage you have to give them new content on a regular basis. Make sure you interact, re-pin and follow other users with similar interests.