Time spent and amount spent: The gap

A new report by Ad Age has revealed the gap between time spent and ad spending. Our media team discuss.

This article on an insight report by Ad Age starts off by saying "An oft-cited notion is that time spent on a medium should equate to ad spending on that medium". Surely in theory there are no arguments there - it's logical. However the report cites just how big this gap is in actual practice.

Consumers spend 26% of their media consumption time online, where marketers are only spending 22% of their ad budgets. The gap gets even wider with mobile, which is no surprise: 10% of consumers' time is spent on their mobile however it only gets 1% of ad budgets. Knowing this and knowing that mobile drives much higher engagement and click through rates, what are you doing this year to increase your mobile presence?

The piece also covers the tricky area of branding online and the pull between media buying for performance and buying for brand. Definitely worth a read!