So the Asos affiliate program is back, but who’s next?

Asos's affiliate programme appears to be back. with a 3% cashback offer at Quidco. Our Affiliate team looks at the possible implications.

Having spotted 3% cashback at Asos available on Quidco this morning, we've been doing some digging around the apparent relaunch of the Asos affiliate program. Back in 2005, Asos closed its affiliate program amid a heated debate about the value the channel brought to its overall digital strategy but since then, a number of discussions on the Affiliates4u Forum would indicate that Asos is back with a closed approach to the channel.

Partnered with Rakuten Linkshare, (home of luxury programs such as Accessorize, French Connection and Oasis) Asos seem to be operating an "invitation only" approach. And with cashback available on Quidco, but not Top Cashback, we wonder if Asos might be running the risk of causing upset in the industry once more. Is this approach fair, and what could their motive be?

The move certainly demonstrates that Asos once again recognises and appreciates the value added to their digital strategy by affiliates (and specifically loyalty affiliates like Quidco) which is undoubtedly great news for the industry.