Pinterest launches business pages

Pinterest has finally caught up with Twitter and Facebook with their launch of business accounts. Our social media team tell you about the main changes.

Pinterest has finally caught up with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with their launch of business accounts. And while they are extremely similar to personal user accounts, there are still some advantages for brands. Our social media team discuss:

Authentication - brands can now verify their own Pinterest pages, which can help users follow the 'official' page rather than impersonators. Business names can now be used rather than the previous format of having to work around the forename/surname format. Easy to use buttons and widgets for you website to grow your Pinterest audience. Case studies - great examples are available of companies such as Etsy who successfully used Pinterest to increase reach, engage and drive traffic to their website. How to guides - to help you get started, Pinterest have also created helpful guides for using the platform from a business angle. Although not customisable and lacking tools, this is a great start for businesses on Pinterest, with more features promised in the near future.

If you already have your brand on a personal account and need to convert, you will need to go through Pinterest's new business page to change over.