Impression Share improved

Google has improved Impression Share. Our PPC team tell you about the latest updates.

For those unfamiliar with this Adwords metric, Impression Share is your campaign and ad groups' share of the available - and eligible - searches compared to the total available. Useful as a rough guide of share (or more so for changes in this share), Google also informs you on the areas responsible for uncovered share.

Data contained within 'Lost IS (budget)' due to insufficient campaign budgets, with 'Lost IS (rank)' down to poor positioning of your ads. Keen to give advertisers better insights, Google has started tweaking:

-Greater segmentation. Search and Display campaigns are to get their own separate data

-More detailed tracking. You'll be able to cut IS data with filters and by hour of the day

-Visual performance with chart data

In their post Google also mentions that general accuracy of IS calculations is to be improved. This is good news in particular as in the past we have found this metric to be a little open to discussion based considering competitor activity in the space. As with most metrics of this nature we find that identifying general trends within them is more valuable than focusing on absolute numbers.