Adding value with Twitter cards

Twitter Cards are tweets which “expand out to include images or web content or whatnot when you tap them”. Our social team discuss the opportunities.

Someone posted your content to Twitter - great! But while social sharing on the micro-site is a goal for most content marketers, it might be hard to control how your content is displayed...until the arrival of Twitter Cards that is.

Quite simply Twitter Cards are tweets which " expand out to include images or web content or whatnot when you tap them". Marketers looking to introduce Twitter Cards can do so by adding a line of code to their website, which will enable the expandable tweets to appear when content is shared from there.

So what do Twitter Cards offer for those looking to add something more to their social shares? They can certainly offer valuable information for the user, with a click down display on the tweets content including title, author and introductory paragraph. But what we especially like is the opportunity for further engagement, with an option to include the author and publisher's Twitter handle, or even video or photo content, within the card.

Now users stumbling across your content on Twitter can instantly see the source, and if they wish, attribute a further tweet to you or get in touch to talk about it (lets just hope they're agreeing). And with thumbnail sized pictures and audio/video players available to include in your Twitter Cards, users can now get the 'bigger picture' behind a potentially nondescript tweet. Someone's just shared a link on your latest campaign? Well, now their followers can watch the TV ad, and tweet you about it...which will certainly be a welcome addition for our clients who regularly get Twitter feedback on forward thinking advertising campaigns...

Will you be installing Twitter Cards?