A unified 2013 for online media

The media team look at the reality of three screen convergence in 2012 as part of a cross platform strategy.

It is that time of the year again when children and brands alike start counting down the days to Christmas. We have even caught colleagues in Equator listening to Christmas music already!

The media team however has spent the past couple of weeks planning for 2013 and adapting plans to include a key topic that is at the forefront of every media planner's mind - the implementation of a cross platform strategy. The realisation that an increasing number of people use dual screens on a daily basis opens a window of great opportunities for media planners as we look to include this new approach to forthcoming campaigns.

This article from Clickz discusses the need to combine TV, online and mobile strategies into one unified approach whilst including the classic "ground rules". 2013 will be an interesting year for the media channel as we look to analyse how users are engaging across the platforms and if this method will really be as effective as anticipated.