Where Do Good Ideas Comes From?

What makes a good idea? Where do they come from? How do we get there? The Good Ideas talk with Equator's resident strategist and planner, Kate Bordwell, let us into a few secrets to help us answer those very questions.

Good ideas aren't things that come out of nowhere; they require planning, time and space to ensure that they have the true awesomeness clients and the public want. Also, you can't rush a good idea. Think of an idea as a plant in a forest. It needs to be able to grow and be cultivated from a sprout into a truly great thing that makes you go "wow".

So, how do you reach the "wow" factor? Caring for your ecosystem and a robust plan are two ways of getting there. First of all, you need to have the correct tools and systems in place. Without these, good ideas won't be able to grow. Kate provided us with eight steps we can all follow to help us reach great ideas:

  1. Talk to fans - they love your brand already and may have ideas for what can make your product/service even better.
  2. Address the elephant - don't ignore something that makes your brand uncomfortable. If there's a problem, tackle it head on so people know you care and want to improve.
  3. Take it online - make your product/service social and easily accessible. Don't restrict by creating a static print ad; think of all the great ways it can be expanded online.
  4. Is it being used for something already? - what do people already use your product/service for? Is it something out of the ordinary that you didn't expect? Embrace it and turn it into something great that meets people's needs.
  5. What's the norm? - provide something that you know people love already, or do something entirely different to stand out in a crowded market place.
  6. Think about life alone - what would life be like without it? Focus on how you can make life better and engage with people's emotions.
  7. Pairings - what goes better than Oreos and milk? Pair a product/service with another that complements it can make both even stronger.
  8. Isn't it obvious? - doing the obvious thing isn't bad. Often, it can be the best idea as the obvious is usually simple and effective.

Addressing these eight steps can help us on the road to true awesomeness. Just add heart, truth and guts and great ideas will be achieved!

Oh - and don't forget the immortal words of the Little Princess; 'A goal without a plan is just a wish.