Morrison Bowmore's brand education through social media

The Morrison Bowmore talk at SkyPark was a warmly anticipated event, particularly by us keen whisky fans. Any event where you not only get to learn how social media is being used to great effect to bring a product to new markets and increase brand loyalty, but you are also tempted by 3 delicious whiskies to taste, can only be a good thing.

On taking our seats, we were met with the delicious aroma of Bowmore, which started the talk on a perfect note. Joe Hughes, the Digital Marketing Manager of Morrison Bowmore Distillers, took us through real life examples of how the Auchentoshan brand has been educating both its current and potential customers through social media.

The highlight of the talk was a particularly entertaining description of the Auchentoshan super fan 'Toshan Man.' He is not only a great customer of the Auchentoshan range but he's also the perfect advocate for the brand, spreading the brand's core messages far and wide. After such an entertaining and informative talk the only sensible way to top it off was with a guided tasting session of the Legend, 12 and 15 year old Bowmore single malts that had been brought along for our delectation and education.

Only one word to describe it, moreish!

Tell us what you think of Bowmore's method of brand education. Watch the full event!