A positive change for Google sitelinks

Google recently rolled out an update to sitelinks. The update improves organisation and makes searches more effective by giving searchers more options.

Before the update, there were eight sitelinks under the homepage URL. These were anchor text links without any snippets of text directed to deep pages in the site.

The update has extended the sitelinks to up to 12 links under the homepage URL and added a green URL as well as one line of text (much like regular search results).

Previously, each site had a fixed set of sitelinks but Google's improvements now allow these sitelinks to suit specific queries. The number of links shown will also vary depending on the query.

The new sitelinks will have a positive impact for brands as they will now dominate the majority of the first page of a search by showing up to 14 link properties. However, affiliates and re-sellers could be pushed down the page and see a reduction in traffic as a result. Brands focusing on location based search, such as hotels, will also see a reduction in traffic from Google Places as sitelinks take over. Even with these potential outcomes, we still don't believe this should be viewed as a negative change. In our eyes, these effects simply represent a shift in traffic distribution.