Want to make a connection this Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by to check out our digital classroom donation page.

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Christmas past

You may remember last year we delivered a digital classroom to the refugee camp in Dunkirk, to help displaced kids keep up their education and have some fun in the process. Unfortunately, in April, fire devastated the camp. But thankfully the digital classroom was undamaged and was taken to Serres Open Refugee Camp in Greece, where there are over 700 kids.

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Christmas present

Throughout this year, we have kept up with our contacts in the refugee camps, and – most recently – were invited by Sandra White MSP to deliver a presentation in the Scottish Parliament. Together with Sandra and our charity partners, we want to do more.

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Christmas future

That brings us to next steps, and a request for your help. We want to create more boxed digital classrooms for our charity partners, ideally from pre-owned tablets. Do you have any you could donate? If you do, we’ll make sure they’re packaged up and sent to the kids

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Want to help?

If you have any old tablets to donate, get in touch with your contact at Equator, or email lindsey.carr@eqtr.com and we’ll arrange how you can submit them. Want to help but don’t have a tablet? We’ve set up an Amazon wishlist where you can buy one – the current price is £49.99 - and have it sent to us here. We know that’s a bit of an ask, but it will make the world of difference to displaced kids.