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Family matters.

The expertise that makes up our full-service structure.

Equator is a family of experts. Each member of the family has their own unique specialism. From these in-house areas of expertise we craft teams that support your needs. Each area is designed to help your business communicate better, innovate faster and sell more effectively.


Strategy & insight.

Connected thinking.

Connected thinking transforms your approach from standard project delivery to strategies that deliver future-proof, agile business models, process change, team building and product optimisation. By combining market research, business analysis, attribution modelling and planning with data-driven insights, our Strategy & Insight function delivers grounded strategic direction that delivers real change.



Connected Identity.

Connected Identity means moving from old-school, static brand assets to living, breathing personalities that deliver authentic, consistent and game-changing identities inspiring teams and audiences alike. We create brands that grow and thrive wherever they live - from business cards to bots. Great branding truly has the power to change the world; we’ve been helping our clients do this for over thirty years.



Connected journeys.

We've always believed that the most effective accountable marketing is integrated. You need a collaborative team that covers all channels and can upweight and downweight attribution on the fly to make the most of your budget. Together we agree target performance benchmarks and budgets, our team takes ownership of delivery and reporting, you sleep soundly knowing your marketing investment is being proactively managed.


PR & Social.

Connected conversations.

Today's media relations are clearly not restricted to the press. Your social audience is now as powerful a voice for your brand as any newspaper. Our PR & Social team is designed to supercharge your relationships by taking a connected view. We combine long-standing, traditional media and PR skills with the ability to build audiences directly across all social platforms with remarkable content, always-on platform management and a model that's grounded in delivering tangible returns.


Design & development.

Connected experiences.

We don't just build websites or apps. Connected experiences are data-driven ecosystems of interactions that connect virtual & real-world spaces to cover the entire customer lifecycle and deliver measurable cost savings and performance enhancements. Our approach is built on an open, user-centred process; award-winning interface design; device agnostic and accessible build; and a secure, rigorous and externally audited development model.


Original content.

Connected stories.

We create stories that connect with your customer journeys and brand objectives to entertain and grow audiences more effectively. The compelling content we create connects your entire communications eco-system from on-site content, to interactives, social engagement and real-life stunts and experiences.



Connected futures.

Our era is defined by an accelerating pace of change. Entrepreneurs are able to launch disruptors more easily. And it won't be long before the robots take the jobs of the robot makers. It's a time of huge opportunity and EQTR-X, our innovation team, is your eyes on the horizon. We give you the edge with strategic vision that addresses sector challenges faster by connecting customer desires, brand objectives and breakthrough innovation.