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What makes Equator different.

We believe in the combined power of Insights, Connections and Remarkable Results. Everything we do is built around these ideas.

Our Principles

Insights. Connections. Results

These founding principles inform everything we do: our structure, our process, and our culture. It’s why, we believe, Equator is not just one of the UK’s most successful agencies, it’s one of the most enjoyable and inspiring companies to work with too. Whatever we create, these principles ensure it’s always relevant, remarkable and highly effective.

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Fuelling creativity with data.

We love coming up with big ideas – and we’re good at it too. But we want to make sure our big idea is the right idea for you. That’s why all our work is underpinned by data-driven insights.

We build powerful, long-lasting partnerships through a deep understanding of your brand, your objectives, your audience and your sector. With the dedicated expertise to uncover meaning in the data and connect this with real-world experience, we make sure our work hits the nail on the head every time.



The power of Tribes.

Here at Equator, we’re all about building connections: with each other, with you and with your audiences.

Instead of splitting our business into traditional departments, we split ours into Tribes. Each Tribe acts as a multi-skilled unit, with different areas of expertise collaborating to produce truly great work. Smaller teams, better communication, remarkable results.



Bringing the big numbers.

Our first two principles make our last possible. Thanks to our unique way of working, our data-driven processes and our team of experts, our work consistently delivers remarkable results. And we’re continually working to optimise our output, so those big numbers just keep getting bigger.