Certified Partnerships


Our family of collaborators.

We're proud of the partnerships we've built with the likes of Google, Sitecore and Umbraco to help deliver the most effective Connected Experiences

Our network.

Partnerships that support our mission to deliver value and develop the next generation of talent.

We've built strong relationships with a series of partners that support us in delivering amazing products to our clients. Ranging from marketing support, to technical platforms and innovation, we work closely with these businesses to deliver greater value, cost savings and new ideas. In addition, we've partnered with organisations to help develop the next generation of talent in the sector. These are long-term relationships aimed at supporting our growth and maintaining the UK's global leadership position in the creative industries.



Gold Partner.

Sitecore is so much more than a Content Management System. Over the last decade, it’s evolved into a true ‘customer experience management system’. Its Experience Platform (XP) allows us to personalise and test different versions of pages. This means we serve up the best and most relevant version of the page to your visitors. And intuitive marketing tools and tracking provide valuable insight about what the people visiting your site are interested in. Our partnership with Sitecore aligns perfectly with our connected world vision. It gives us the flexibility to transform how you interact with your users to give them the best experience on every device.



Gold Partner.

Umbraco is a great product which we've implemented for hundreds of clients. It's open source, supports diverse client needs, offers powerful admin and can scale from 10 to thousands of users. And the latest version 7 is helping us to produce even more innovative digital solutions than ever before. As fully-fledged members of the Umbraco community, we regularly host meetups and occasionally even join them at the annual Codegarden Umbraco Conference in Denmark.



Solution Partner.

Software company Episerver has expanded from an email brand to a global brand offering web content management, digital commerce and digital marketing. The result? A cloud software platform that creates unique digital experiences for their customers. Our work with Episerver helps to create disruptive and transformative strategies, as well as brilliant customer experiences.



One of the UK's only Premier Partners.

Equator is one of the first agencies in the UK to achieve the Google Premier Partner badge – recognising our expertise in search. We met Google’s strict criteria by managing a large portfolio of Google advertising campaigns that achieved great results for our clients. Our marketing team is fully certified in Google Analytics and our PPC experts are all Google AdWords Certified Professionals. Google also provides increased support and exclusive information to Premier Partners. So we're informed about the latest industry developments and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the ever-changing world of search. Regular contact with the Google team means we’re first in line for testing new AdWords products, tools and features so we consistently deliver the best service to our clients.



Open source content management framework Drupal, written in PHP, accounts for about 2% of all websites worldwide. Known for its flexibility, Drupal is the perfect tool for building dynamic web content, and this is exactly what Equator uses the tool for.



Silver partner.

As a long-standing official Microsoft Partner, our delivery teams and developers are qualified, certified and competent - so your business is in safe, experienced hands. Microsoft provides some of the world’s largest and high-profile software solutions and our technical expertise means we expertly examine your business to identify solutions that simplify and optimise.



Global Partner Program Member.

We partner with Armor, a leader in active cyber defence hosting. The partnership is designed to combine managed service providers, resellers and technology partners with Armor’s expertise in driving active, managed cyber defence. The Global Partner Program provides Equator with the resources needed to deliver managed, measurable security and compliance services.



Digital Agency Partner Program Member.

Rackspace has deep expertise and experience delivering world-class digital hosting solutions. Their digital agency partner program enables us to work directly with a dedicated team of trusted advisors. By utilising Rackspace’s expertise, we can deliver robust, secure and high performing environments that exceed our clients' requirements.


Rocket Fuel.

Customer Advisory Board.

Rocket Fuel is a a global leader in programmatic marketing technology. As one of their key partners, we had significant insight into the business so they invited our Display Team to join its Customer Advisory Board. As members, we meet regularly with their other industry experts to delve into the latest programmatic trends and developments. This exchange keeps us at the forefront of programmatic and helps Rocket Fuel continue to break new ground in developing leading display strategies.


United Registrar of Systems.

ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001.

Our standards are the backbone of Equator. They underpin the quality of the services we offer and even extend to the office environment we work in. As strategic tools, our standards help us tackle the many diverse challenges thrown our way. These guidelines influence how we run our business to ensure we’re efficient, forward-thinking, analytical and – most importantly – deliver exceptional results. Our long-standing partner, URS, audits our standards to ensure they’re in tip-top shape. Their international expertise is instrumental in maintaining our quality, security and environmental measures.



The National College Creative Industries.

We're committed to building skills in the sector and creating better opportunities for the next generation of talent. We work closely with educational institutions locally and nationally, including Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh College, City of Glasgow College and Glasgow University. In addition JJ, our Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, holds a seat on the board of governers of the National College Creative Industries. This college represents an innovative model of open, employer-led education that's revolutionising the opportunities for young talent to gain the right skills to thrive in the creative sector.


The National College Creative Industries