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The Equator Innovation Team

Visionary thinking that delivers new technologies, agile operations and unified data insights.


Welcome to the lab.

The world of innovation is littered with half-baked ideas, poor betas, and expensive follies. But, in the rough there are diamonds, and our team has the experience and understanding to surface the meaningful, useful ideas with a full appreciation of how to make them work for our clients. Our Innovation function sits at the heart of our organisation, researching the marketplace, informing our developments, inspiring our clients, and solidly delivering outputs that transform our clients’ brands, processes, products and services.



Serious skills

Ai and chatbots are set to become mainstream over the next few years. We had already been working with these technologies for some time when Amazon Echo was launched here in the UK. Within one week our team developed a new Skill and two months later had created an Alexa-based system for Village Hotels. This world-first in the hotel sector is now being rolled out across their network, allowing customers to ask about checkout times, hotel services and local attractions. And that’s just the beginning. We're constantly adding new capabilities to the platform, making it more helpful, connected and capable of driving additional revenue.


Digital Classroom.

Connected learning for refugee children.

Instead of sending a traditional Christmas card in 2016, we decided to do something a little different, that would tie in to our commitment to education and innovation. We set ourselves the challenge of transforming the prospects of every one of the 150 refugee children in ‘La Linière’ camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk. The result was a fully wireless digital classroom in an easily transportable container that gives children a chance to learn languages and skills. We visited the camp to deliver the package and saw first-hand the huge impact it would have on the lives of the children there. We're now developing the concept to make it available for displaced communities worldwide.

digitalClassroom2.jpg (2)

Our project delivered learning to every child in the camp.

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Connected to real world interactions.

iBeacons are in their infancy but represent an opportunity to create real-world connected experiences. We're working with numerous partners in finance and travel to create these experiences. One example that's in Beta at the moment for AXA PPP is set to transform the experience for visitors to private hospitals.