Target Driven Social Media Campaigns

From playtime to game changer

In just a few years, Social Media has grown from being seen as solely an enjoyable distraction to a system of communication that's as fundamental to our lives as the telephone. Not only has it changed the way we interact with friends, it has revolutionised how we expect to interact with brands.

If you have a brand or product to take to market, you probably already know it's quite important to have a telephone. Well, it's equally important to be connecting with your customers on the many social networks.

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They're talking about you anyway 

Whether you get stuck into social or not, your customers will be talking about you. By engaging with them you can hear what they are saying and give them some nice things to talk about.

In short, thanks to social media, they are now in control of your brand. We can help you make friends with them. Our brand strategists can help shape your identity and product messaging to create something customers want to talk about... in a good way. 

Do your friends deliver? 

For many, making friends is the be-all-and-end-all of social media. As far as we're concerned it's just the start. Let's cut to the chase; there is absolutely no point in spending your time talking to friends of your brand on Facebook, if you don't have any targets set-down. This will waste a lot of time and could cost you a lot of money.

Every piece of work we do is accountable against targets. Our marketing team, working on your behalf, sets targets for all activity and are responsible for meeting them. In this way we ensure that all social networking activity is both integrated properly with other channels and delivering to your bottom-line. 

Social is more than just an engagement

Our social media services do more than just create engagement and word-of-mouth awareness. Its impact changes customers' expectations of every touch point with your brand. By creating an open approach to brand and product development, service delivery and optimisation you create more authentic, nourishing relationships with your customers.

We work closely with our clients to create effective user experiences that build brand awareness, generate more visitors, convert more sales, better support customers and build ambassadorship among them. We would love to add your business to the list of clients for whom our approach has already paid dividends. 

Social's better when it's not alone

Central to our DNA is our integrated approach. Our experts make sure that all of your networks are synced with your other marketing channels.

Our creative campaigns can promote a product launch with incredible reach. By managing your social media networks in this way, we can grow awareness more effectively, drive more traffic to your site and create better relationships with your customers.

We would love to talk to you about making your brand more social. We can work collaboratively with your team at whatever level suits your business; from directing your brand strategy to direct-to-customer campaigns.

Let's talk soon, so you can be talking to your customers sooner.

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