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SEO: Improving your presence in the crowded world of organic search

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enabling search engines to discover your website as well as creating a great user experience that satisfies the needs of your visitors. How this is achieved has changed considerably over a small number of years, with the importance of mobile optimisation, quality of links and increasing prevalence of user experience all coming in to play. SEO services now formulate an industry worth an estimated $65 billion dollars and organic search remains one of the largest traffic sources for most websites. Quite simply, SEO plays a crucial part of an effective, integrated digital marketing strategy. 

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  • Hands-on management by dedicated experts
  • Advanced reporting with insight and recommendations
  • In-depth analysis including user-journeys and creative testing
  • Continuous search engine algorithm research to optimize approach
  • All work is tracked and accountable against targets
  • Full-service integration with other digital channels under one roof

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A vital part of successful integrated marketing

At Equator, our award-winning SEO experts constantly strive to stay ahead of the game and closely monitor marketing and search developments. This means keeping track of and anticipating search engine updates and what these will mean for our clients. This analysis forms the basis of our strategy and recommendations for how best to capitalise on these changes and opportunities.

We believe a truly effective SEO campaign shouldn’t work in isolation. Our Glasgow-based team works alongside other marketing channels such as PPC, Display and Affiliates to ensure we’re all working towards the same target. We also work closely with our development team for the technical aspects of SEO, our creative team in order to feed in to site design and copy, and insights and analytics to ensure we have the right data to influence our strategies.

Our SEO team has over 38 years of experience

So what makes our SEO team at Equator unique? Quite a few things! We’ve won a whole host of awards, with the most recent for SEO Strategy of the Year at the 2016 Drum Marketing Awards. It also goes without saying that our SEO experts are all Google Analytics certified and capable of quickly diagnosing and addressing a range of issues. Along with the core SEO fundamentals, we all specialise in specific aspects, including:

  • Technical SEO – Your website is the foundation of your search strategy and needs to be technically sound in order for Google to crawl and understand it. We always start with a full and thorough technical audit of your website to identify and highlight technical areas that should be addressed. We also have extensive experience of using CMS systems such as Umbraco, Wordpress, and Sitecore and collaborate with our Development team when it comes to new site builds.
  • Content analysis - Through the use of industry leading tools and clever manual analysis, our team can assess how your on-site content is performing. We then create recommendations that aim to improve and enhance your content so that it performs well in search engine results, satisfies user intent and boosts conversion rate.
  • Content creation – Content that meets the needs of your users is one of the most important ranking factors. There are plenty of creative minds in our SEO team and we’ve created in-depth blog articles, engaging infographics, and interactive quizzes to name but a few content pieces. We create this in conjunction with our Design and Development teams, resulting in content that truly engages your customers and ultimately drives traffic to your website.
  • Local SEO – This is all about ranking within Google’s “map pack” for local search terms. This is important for all bricks and mortar businesses – from hotels to banks to retail outlets. We know Local SEO inside out and know how to improve the local search visibility of your business.
  • Dedicated outreach team – Links continue to be one of Google’s key ranking factors, which is why we have a dedicated link outreach team. Our continual development of relationships with a network of influential sites and bloggers allow us to build not only links with a high level of domain authority, but links that are relevant to your target audiences. This helps to improve organic search rankings and assist in generating traffic and revenue.

If you’re looking to improve your search presence, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you. 

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