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When Apple launched the iTunes App Store in 2007 a new industry was born. App development became a standard service in almost every digital agency. Business was booming and consumers were consuming; but that was five years ago and things are changing. Businesses often want apps that mimic their website, in which case, we'll recommend going down the responsive route.

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Responsive websites

Recent projections (Gartner) show that mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing by 2013 - that's incredible. Mobile browsing can't be ignored; if you're not taking steps to make your website responsive, then you could be losing a massive 45% of potential customers (which is a heck of a lot).

At Equator, as far as we're concerned, 'responsive' is the default position for all of our web design. Everything we do bears responsive functionality in mind. 


Apps are terribly useful little things and they've revolutionised the way we interact with businesses and brands on a daily basis. But quite frankly; do you need one?

This is a question we ask all of our clients, because it's a very important question indeed. Some people think 'app' when they should be thinking 'responsive'; so we like to make sure that you're getting the service that's best for your business.

Mobile app development is something we are really investing in to ensure our clients get the very best solution for their money.  In technical terms we can build iPhone apps but this is only part of the picture.

To build native applications is without doubt more expensive when you consider the need to build one for every operating system out there.  Who can you afford not to cater for?  Blackberry users?

One area we are investing time in is looking at frameworks like Phone Gap where we can build HTML-5 rich applications that can be ported automatically across all the major phone operating systems.  This means we build the application once and re-use it, substantially reducing our clients' costs. 

There has been some limitation on how much you can do with the hardware capabilities of each device but this like everything to do with the mobile browsing is changing on an almost weekly basis and already many hardware capabilities have now been integrated into these frameworks.  

We ask questions to understand what it is you really need.

From the moment you get in touch, we'll ask questions to ensure that you're getting the service that is right for your business. We've developed apps for big businesses like SSE, whose app was created to give SSE's customers full control over the products and packages they choose. We've also worked with AXA, who wanted an app that would act as a resource tool exploring nearest hospitals and clinics, complimenting their brand and services.

Because we've put responsiveness at the very heart of our design process, we ensure that all of the companies we work with are able to provide a great user experience for all of their visitors no matter what device they're on.

From our initial scoping session, we'll help you decide exactly what service you need; whether it's an app or a responsive site. Either way, we'll take care of you with our integrated approach.

We would love to talk to you about mobile and responsive. We can work collaboratively with your team at whatever level suits your business.

Get in touch and we'll look after you.

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