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We're of the opinion that new websites should always pay for themselves. Well, that's what we think anyway.  It's how we like to do business.

We strive to build sites that pay for themselves. Obviously this is not always realised in immediate cash; some sites promote your brand and therefore drive an indirect benefit. But all website designs need to deliver quantifiable benefits for your business; otherwise, what's the point in investing in a new site?

This is the top and bottom of it; it is vital that your site is conceived with a clear, measurable purpose and that, from the ground up, it's constructed and designed to deliver.

We're the boys and girls for the job
  • Customer-focused interface design process
  • Obsessive attention to usability and compliance standards
  • Joined-up approach to specify and co-ordinate all channels
  • All work is tracked and accountable against targets

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The process

Normally, the process begins when you decide that your site needs a bit of a facelift. When you visit the Equator studio, we'll begin by putting the look and feel to one side. You see, we've learnt that the most successful projects are those where we've worked directly with you in order to define what you want your new site (and any supporting marketing) to achieve. This way, we'll get a clear vision of what you want from your website. No confusion.

Each and every step we take towards designing your site is then based on whether it's working toward or against that goal. This process focuses everyone's effort; from the team designing and creating the site, to the people marketing it. A simple process, but very effective. 

Planning your website design & development

Total transparency is supremely important to us; with Equator, you're never in the dark about how much your new website is going to cost. We plan the development carefully to give you absolute clarity on cost. We can even arrange payment plans to suit your business. 

How we know what will work for you

Getting these early stages right is fundamental to delivering a successful project and giving you a site that really works. Getting this right involves the following activities:

- Reflecting your customer in your design

Your customer is the most important part of your interface design project. To design an effective website, we must understand what your customer is looking to achieve, what they like and what they don't.

- Understanding your business

Once we've developed an understanding of your customer, we need to develop an understanding about what your business wants from its customers; and more importantly, what it wants from the new website.

- Understanding your competitors

Your customers are likely to experience a competitive marketplace and many of their expectations of you are set by your competitors, so we need to understand these benchmarks to make sure that your site eliminates your competition.

- User journeys and site structure

By putting this information together, we can build a picture of the journeys that your customers will be taking through the site. Each part of the journey corresponds to a step in their engagement with your brand. By understanding this, we can develop the right structure, content and features to help customers understand, and ultimately buy your company's products and services. 

If we build it they will come

After all that careful planning, there's only one thing left to do; to build. At Equator you have a team that involves all online channels at your disposal. What's more is that you'll be included in every step we take. Our studio uses an Agile project management process that means experts from each area are involved throughout a project's lifespan to ensure that you are satisfied with the design, look, feel, interface and back-end development. To ensure that all channels are as effective as they can be, our team will work hard to increase search engine effectiveness at every stage; double-A accessibility standards for every site and adhering to the development of web-standards compliant code (meaning that it will work in lots of different browsers, will be stable and by default, mobile responsive design). 

Get in touch

We can only tell you so much about ourselves - now we want to hear from you. Of course how you spend the next few minutes of your life is up to you; feel free to peruse the rest of our site, particularly our portfolio of case studies. If you fancy giving us a call to talk about how we might improve your website, that's great too. We'll be waiting.

Alternatively, you might want to read a little more about things we do and think. That's great too.

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