Email Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Results

Strategic campaigns produce impressive ROI

If used correctly email can be a highly effective route to market but it if not, it can easily damage your brand.

We have had years of experience developing email marketing campaigns for our clients that generate high levels of return on their investment and build their brands. The key to their success is our understanding of the customer.

We're the boys and girls for the job
  • Strategic approach to dovetail with other marketing communications
  • Ongoing improvement through analysis of every link in every email
  • Sign-up optimization to increase acquisition and retention
  • Knowledge gathering for greater personalisation and performance
  • Award-winning effectiveness
  • Full-service integration with other digital channels under one roof

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Successful use of email marketing is not blindly sending out offers to lots of people each week

It's about the following five things:

Attract - To increase the success of your email, you must aim to attract new people to join your mailing list. We develop features for your site and other relevant online environments to encourage people to interact with your brand in this way.

Segment - We work with you to learn about the people whose email addresses you hold and segment them to offer increasingly relevant, personalized communication.

Empower - Put your subscribers in control and they'll love you for it. We work with our clients to create mechanisms to allow customers to control the frequency and content of emails they receive.

Entertain - We work with our clients to create surprising and interesting content that adds value to communications we send and keeps people interested in receiving them.

Relate - If an email relates to your customers relationship with your business it's much more likely to get noticed. We work with our clients to find ways to communicate with customers in ways that relate to their activity. For example, emails triggered by actions on your site can be highly effective. 

…And read between the lines

As with everything we do, we aim to understand customers' reactions to emails we send. We have developed email tracking that monitors clicks on every link in the email so that we can see exactly what each individual read and clicked on, as well as what they didn't. This allows us to continually tailor our communication format to increase its effectiveness.

Despite the social media revolution, email marketing is still an important part of our customer's online capabilities and Equator specialise in designing and developing custom email content.  It's fair to say that we know all of the shortcomings of HTML embedded in email, so we will be able to help you design and deliver emails that work for your customers and deliver your message in the best possible way.

Talk to us if you would like to get more out of email marketing.

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