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What on earth is a 'brand hub'?

A 'brand hub' is a (perhaps overused) phrase that neatly describes how a good brand website sits within your brand awareness activity.

We don't realise how easy we've got it, with so much choice and so many advertising voices shouting at us all every day, although that said - we've all had to get a lot pickier about which brands we choose to interact with. Most of us are savvy enough to shop around for the best value when buying online; but behind the scenes, websites are themselves becoming savvy by making sure that you recognise their brand as something that's positively worth investing in.

Amongst all this noise, your customers will want to check your brand out in their own time; to see for yourselves if it's right for them. Your brand website is their first destination for this, so it has to really engage with them.

We're the boys and girls for the job
  • We have an experienced, award-winning team
  • Customer-focused design process
  • Joined-up approach to specify and coordinate all channels
  • All work is tracked and accountable against targets

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What are you looking for?

Your customers are looking for one thing - love. That's right. They want to be convinced that your brand is a worthy object of their affections. So what is it that will make them fall head over heels? Is it information, is it fun and games, is it getting something for free?

Well, that all depends on your customer. 

We know what makes your customers click

You probably saw that coming didn't you? Well it's true and it's the effort we put into understanding your customer in detail that can make your brand site into a regular Digital Don Juan. 

Keep 'em keen

Once we've reddened your customers' cheeks we need to maintain interest and give them the tools to tell everyone about their new brand love. This is how we make your brand site work for you and create a powerful centre-point for your online brand awareness activity. 

The joined-up advantage

But online brand awareness activity needs more than just a website. If the site is the hub then the spokes are all the other activity that draws people in to visit. Our full-service expertise encompasses all these channels including search engine marketing, email and social media, blogs, widgets, etc. This means we can craft the most potent mix of channels possible to support your brand platform.

Talk to us if you would like to boost the effectiveness of your brand hub.

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