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We’ve built your brand-spanking, flashy new website, and we’re taking care of all things marketing. That’s what we do! But where do you go from here? Refining and continuing to improve of course!

That’s where data driven insights come in.

Our analytics team dive deep into the heart of your site, getting to grips with all aspects of your online presence. We’ll break through the wall of numbers analytics packages throw at us. We’ll get to grips with your visitors behaviour. We’ll pin point areas of pages which need a bit of polishing. Then we’ll deliver you a wonderfully comprehensive, easily digestible report (and we’ll also show you how we will make improvements).


»        We deliver an average of 63% increase in conversion

»        We’ll tell you how to achieve your goals in plain, simple English

»        We’ve proven success in solving usability issues

»        We work with a range of different industries and know how visitors behave

»        We have expert knowledge in mobile responsive site design

»        We provide deep insight and analysis to help you understand your customer’s behaviour


As a Google Partner with over a dozen Google Analytics certified marketing professionals, our team will conduct a full analytical review of your site. We’ll identify a wide range of factors including: main drop off points, barriers to conversion and underperforming pages or Calls to Actions. Using a number of attribution models, which determine how credit for sales or conversions is assigned, our clever analytics experts will be able to help determine which channel gets credit for converting visitors and how it can convert even more.  

Tools to understand, tools to improve.

As well as our brains and massive amounts of experience, our team use specific tools to provide you with the result you’re looking for. We employ a range of tools, specifically designed to help give our analytics team the edge.

»        Specially designed in-page analytics software

»        Comprehensive dashboard technology

»        A/B testing tools to prove conversion rate improvements


We are the boys and girls for the job
  • We deliver an average 63% increase in conversion
  • Proven success in identifying and solving usability issues
  • We will increase your sales without additional traffic spend


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One size fits all? Not with us.

A tailored package to suit your needs, whatever type of website you may have. An analytics review can still help improve the performance of your site to achieve its overall or specific objective. Perhaps you’re looking to increase audience engagement with your site, or the amount and depth of content that is consumed, helping you build brand awareness and engagement with consumers? Our experts can help understand the visitor journey and what strategies can be put in place to help you achieve such objectives. 

We also offer different levels of analytics packages, whether you’re looking for a snapshot of performance, to deep analysis of each step of a process, let us know what works for you and we’ll build a package around your requirements.

Getting to the heart of your website

Our analytics team go further than data reporting – looking beyond the numbers to understand the consumer behaviour and the triggers which affect website performance. Analysing the process from end-to-end, our team looks at all aspects of your site which may be affecting site performance, from changing payment processes to small font colour changes. 

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