Mythbusting SEO: The Top 5 Misconceptions

One difficulty with explaining how SEO activities work to people outside the industry, is navigating the minefield of misconceptions there are regarding SEO.

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Is Google neutral? 4 ways of understanding search engine bias

Google is on its way to becoming the single most influential company globally. It has eclipsed its earlier achievements in AdSense, YouTube and Maps with driverless cars, green energy and life extension. It has even been suggested that Google is reorganising our brains, influencing the way we categorise and remember information.

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Google Closes Book on Authorship

A look back at Google Authorship. Now the story’s over, what’s next?

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HTTPS now a ranking signal in search

Recently, Google announced that they were launching a new ranking signal within their search algorithm which would give small ranking boosts to websites using SSL/HTTPS.

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Paranoid Android – the Facebook Fear

Following the announcement in April that Facebook would be splitting its messaging service, the Social Media giants have been gradually rolling out their new ‘Facebook Messenger’ app worldwide. However, the roll out has been far from smooth with many angry Android users flocking to the Android app store Google Play to vent their frustrations.

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Social media strategy: who needs it?

Social media is often associated with chitchat and silliness. It has an image problem amongst ‘serious’ marketers, our Head of Strategy debunks the problem with the approach many big brands are taking with their social strategies.

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Say ‘goodbye’ to fan-gates. Facebook doesn’t “Like” them.

Last week Facebook announced a new version of their API, along with the news that apps can no longer incentivise users to like a page or use social plug-ins.

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You're on holiday. Your Social Media Isn't.

For the lucky among us holiday time is looming, but what do you do with your social campaigns when you're away? Our handy tips can help you plan.

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Top Digital Tips for Non-Profit Organisations

Account Executive Stephen Clarke discusses digital strategy for non-profit organisations

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Affiliates 101

Since I started at Equator on the affiliate team earlier this year, I’ve picked up what I think are a few key insights into the wonderful world of affiliates.

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