Marketing Lifts Off with Fuselab Go

Our Affiliate Team Leader Sean took part as a mentor for Fuselab Go, an innovation boot camp for 15-18 year olds organised by the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

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Equator at Edinburgh College

On Wednesday 29th April, Equator’s Art Director Stephen Noble and Creative Director Patrick Bjorkman travelled through to Edinburgh College’s Granton Campus to conduct their very own Guerrilla Day to the HND Visual Communication Graphic Design Course.

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Long Live The King

In the days of SEO past, the idea of creating content revolved around flooding your onsite copy with targeted keywords.

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Introduction of Google’s Hotel Price Ads Platform

With the introduction of Google’s Hotel Price Ads (HPA) Google have shown that they are fully committed to entering the hotel metasearch arena.

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Does Google have a Monopoly on Search?

In a recent article written by one of our SEO experts Chris Smith, it was suggested that 2015 could be the year when Google would finally be dethroned as the undisputed king of search. The argument that Google has monopolised the search industry is one that never seems to go out of fashion, but does it have any validity?

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Is web personalisation a trend or a pipe dream?

A simple, broad definition of web personalisation is content that changes based on user activity, preferences or location. It's exciting to think of the possibilities of this, which could help us get away from serving up generic, vague content that tries to appeal to too many people at once.

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Affiliate Marketing is Just Like Mixed Martial Arts

How affiliate marketing and mixed martial arts are essentially the same thing.

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3 Reasons Why PPC & SEO work Better Together

In this article, I have identified the top 3 reasons why PPC & SEO work better together and how your business could benefit from their synergy.

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Link Building - Then and Now

Link building has of course been around now for a very long time. This exact name for the practice hadn’t yet been coined in the early stages, but the initial concept was there. And ever since that moment, links were being scattered all across the net.

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Top Tips to Add Value to Your Affiliate Campaign

Having accomplished a series of successful campaigns across the two most popular verticals in performance marketing - retail and travel, we wanted to share our insights and top tips to what makes a high performing affiliate campaign.

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