Print my sofa!

Now, I know that 3D printers are currently in their infancy, and currently the variety of materials that can be ‘printed’ is limited, but I expect that will change fairly rapidly. And I cannot wait for the day when I order my new sofa online, go down to the local printing depot (next door to my local corner shop) and pick it up, where it will have been freshly printed overnight.

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A reflection on collaboration

Project Executive Ian gives his take on collaboration

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A year in the life of an Equator Graduate Intern

Completing a 4 year honours degree is feat enough never mind the pressure of finding a job.

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Need a Critique? Try Our Team's Side-Project

Making feedback funny. This fun, side project from some of our team offers a humorous take on Creative Director's "Critique".

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Equator gets fighting fit @ Content Marketing Bootcamp

Equator went along to the Content Marketing Bootcamp yesterday for a full day of content marketing thought leadership with speaker John W Hayes. The talk was inspired by Hayes’ best-selling book on Thought Leadership Marketing.

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Great Scottish Run

There was blood, sweat, tears ….. and more sweat as Team Equator successfully completed the Great Scottish Run, raising an incredible £1,130 (and counting) for Yorkhill Children’s Charity.

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Could augmented reality be the key to online retail success?

Technology has developed beyond our expectations in recent years, and we are now seeing an increasing amount of software and devices which could change the way we experience retail brands online.

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YouTube founders launch MixBit

If you are already a major fan of apps like Vine and Instagram video then it’s more than likely that MixBit is going to be your new, favourite social media toy.

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Google Street View Hyperlapse

It doesn’t have the snappiest name – but we are loving the Google Street View Hyperlapse that allows you to create instant timelapse films of everything from your journey to work to Route 66.

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Mentos Fresh News

The freshest thing on the web this week is Mentos' homage to the Anchorman phenomenon. As the world eagerly awaits the return of Ron Burgundy, the brand has launched Mentos Fresh News - the first channel dedicated to news about you.

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