Developing games for web browsers

Web Developer Andrew Bruin has discussed how computer game development has advanced over the years on the IBM DeveloperWorks site.

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Going parallel with C#

Web Developer Bartosz discusses how he cut down the processing time for sending 8,000 to 10,000 daily emails using Microsoft's Task Parallel Library.

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The development of .Net Core

Intern Web Developer Michael Close takes a look at the development of .Net Core and how the program runs on Windows and Ubuntu.

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Retrofitting a hotel website to make it responsive

Web Developer Ross Kelly examines the challenges faced by hotels that are looking to create a responsive website design that works across a variety of devices.

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A new era for virtual reality?

Senior Web Developer Lawrie Cape discusses the latest technological breakthroughs in the world of virtual reality and the implications for internet content.

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Using Firebase to build real-time apps

Looking for a new way to develop an app? Web Developer Armin Solecki discusses how he uses Firebase for application development and the benefits on offer.

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What does testing in an agile environment involve?

Test Engineer Karen Petrie discusses the importance of ongoing testing and how Equator approach testing within an agile framework.

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Using Sitecore to deliver an innovative website

Development Team Leader Colin Robertson discusses the various customisation options available in the Sitecore content management system.

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Adapting to life as a graduate developer

As a graduate, starting a career as a developer presents some challenges not taught in university.

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Being A Developer is More Than 'Just' Coding

The old conception that developers are all the same: long beards, messy hair, t-shirts with computing jokes, love for old comic books and the need to be in front of the computer 24/7 has changed a long time ago. But what describes a developer now?

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