Buzzword Overload: Getting Social with Big Data

When someone suggests integrating Twitter with your website, what are they offering? Maybe they’ll pull in a list of your recent tweets and showing them on the homepage or let your users share articles on your site.

Not bad. But what if we could do more?

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HTML5 Certification

Equator is continuing to pioneer new technologies with many of its developers now fully qualified in programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CCS3.

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We're certified!

No seriously we are. Microsoft Certified Partners in the Custom Development Solutions competency. What does it all mean?

In a nutshell, we have some great developers who have, through self study, passed the necessary Microsoft exams. Combine this with our wealth of experience delivering medium to large scale custom web development projects and we have met the necessary requirements to attain certification.

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Get the most out of Facebook Timeline for your business

Well, it’s official. Facebook business pages will be automatically converted to the brand new Timeline format as of March 30th, 2012. This represents a pretty serious functional and aesthetic overhaul, and if you're asking yourself “What on Earth is a timeline?” then you might think now would a good time to start panicking.

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The web in 3D - no glasses required

Within the current evolution of the web, the current war of browsers and the endless rise of computer power, internet possibilities seem endless.

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The need for speed

Gone are the days when we sat with our 56k modems, waiting patiently while a web page took 10 seconds plus to load. Your customers are no doubt paying good money for decent broadband connections at home so expect web pages to load near instantaneously.

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The technological singularity

The premise of the technological singularity is that in less than 40 years your computer will be cleverer than you are. Can you imagine what that means?

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HTML5 rocks!

If Steve Jobs claims that the web needs to be cleaned of Flash this proprietary plague to justify Apple 'control freak' politics, it's only fair to admit that the success of iPhones has modified the way we surf the web.

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Please keep scrolling

There is still a bit of a debate as whether there is a ‘fold’ on a web page. Will the user scroll to find more content or just look at what’s in front of them? Well, we believe they do, and because of that we’d like to show you a few sites we’ve found that actually use page scrolling as an interesting and beautiful feature. We’ve seen the effect used in three different ways, using JavaScript to control backgrounds, images and text to create an appealing way to explore the sites.

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A Brief Introduction to Lightbulb

Lightbulb is our custom built in house sharing tool. It’s somewhere to post bright ideas, thoughts, interesting links and useful snippets of information. Basically somewhere to give important things a special place to live and be remembered, rather than forgotten and lost amongst a million other emails.

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