A designer needs to create

Almost instinctively, we need to try new things. Always. It’s what drives us, shapes us and in most cases it keeps us sane.

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Nowadays, with the ever changing and ever expanding online landscape, we need to be able to give our web projects the best possible chance at standing out for the crowd and receiving the audience they deserve.

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Colouring-in and beyond. Need to Knows for a Designer in a Digital Agency

Crack open a designer in a digital agency and start poking around. You’ll find a heavily loaded job description and probably a lot of coffee.

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Is it time to wave goodbye to our old friend the animated GIF? The new kid on the block is the GFY. Check out our infographic.

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Cross Creative - Creating your personal strapline

How do you summarise what you do in a few seconds – and make it intriguing? How do you make people want to find out more about you?

These were the questions we aimed to answer on Thursday’s Cross Creative Special Edition course. Our trainer, Cordelia Ditton, helped us create straplines for ourselves. It was even more difficult than we thought.

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First impressions of Cross Creative Special Edition

What feels like a cross between the first day of school, a therapy session and the beginning of a great adventure?
The closest I’ve come to this feeling was last Thursday, at the opening session of Cross Creative Special Edition. It’s an eight-month long course for women in digital.

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Prestigious design award for The Macallan

Equator’s website for luxury whisky brand The Macallan has received one of the most prestigious accolades in the design industry.

www.TheMacallan.com was named website of the day by the Awwwards jury, consisting of eminent bloggers, designers and programmers from across the globe.

The site will now appear in the Awwwards annual book - The 365 Best CSS Websites Around the World – and go forward for the “site of the year award”.

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Achieving Omnichannel Without Omnichaos


It’s a popular buzz word at the moment and don’t us geeks love a buzz word. Everyone wants to be omnichannel. But what is it?

Equator recently presented its thoughts on how to achieve omnichannel without 'omnichaos' at the Figaro Digital conference in London and was asked to write an article on the subject for Figaro's magazine.

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Á louer – a shop front installation by Niklas Roy

Canadian creative inventor Niklas Roy developed an attention grabbing window display in Quebec recently to help the empty retail space find a new tenant who would “care about it”.

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For every second on the internet…

We appreciate a great website when we see one, so we were delighted to stumble upon this custom built webpage from designly.com

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