Collaboration of Inspiration in Design Teams

Although advances in technology have sped up the design process, Crawford Jolly believes that collaboration of inspiration is still the key to success.

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How to craft a great website for your brand

Designer David Paterson discusses the important role that branding plays in nailing a website design and outlines his steps for crafting a great website!

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What do you do when someone disrupts your sector?

Creative Director, Patrick Bjorkman, discusses how Uber and Airbnb have turned industries on their heads. Is your industry prepared for disruption?

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UX lessons in everyday life

Senior Designer, Crawford Jolly, explains how some of the easiest UX lessons can be learned from everyday life.

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Your advert needs to tell a story - here's why

Having been in the industry for 10 years, our Art Director Stephen Noble believes that advertising needs to tell a story over anything else.

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Steven Saltwell's 30 second designer challenge

How many forms of internet content can an Equator designer remember in 30 seconds? Wearing a fetching sombrero and sunglasses, Steven Saltwell has a crack!

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Conversational user interfaces – computer says no?

Senior Strategist Neil Major investigates the emergence of conversational user interfaces within mobile technology and what this may mean for brands.

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Notes to my former self – transitioning from a design student to professional designer

Whilst giggling at the thought of being labelled 'professional', Junior Designer Eilidh Dickson reflects on her transition from student to professional

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The advantages of HTML prototyping

It wasn’t long ago that websites started life as a flat, pixel-perfect JPEG, passed from designers to developers, built and packaged up for the client. Simply put, a pass-the-parcel method of producing a digital solution.

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A designer needs to create

Almost instinctively, we need to try new things. Always. It’s what drives us, shapes us and in most cases it keeps us sane.

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