Three-step site migration SEO checklist & eight future-proofing tips

Safeguarding your domain during a site migration 

Not having search engine optimisation (SEO) involved in a site migration is like skydiving without a reserve parachute.

It’s risky. And not advised. 

SEO should be at the heart of all site migrations. And to ensure a flawless transition, a thorough site migration plan needs to be in place in order to give your website a fighting chance in the search results post-launch.

So that you can hit the ground running, w’ve created a three-step website migration SEO checklist which can be accessed and downloaded below. Of course, all site migrations are unique, so remember to tailor this checklist to fit your own site migration needs.

Site Migration Checklist Download

Looking for something even more in-depth? Check out our mammoth guide to website migrations here.

Future-proofing your website

Beyond the SEO pillars of site migration success, it’s also vital to consider the changing search landscape, shifts in consumer behaviour and new technology that’s flooding the market.

That’s why in this future-proofing infographic, we’ve also hinted at what you should consider factoring into your marketing strategy and website project from day-one. And if you need some help making the case for a properly planned site migration in your organisation, we’ve pulled together some of the latest industry data and consumer-led statistics to support these recommendations.

Finally, if you’re curious to know some of the latest predictions for 2018 and beyond – look no further as we’ve also got this covered!

Remember, search is constantly changing and what is best practice today, might not be viewed as best practice tomorrow. That’s why it’s fundamental to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing search landscape and ensure that there is a skilled SEO team at-hand to take on the complex task of a website migration.

Is a site migration on the horizon for you? We’re a full service digital agency with everything you could need under one roof. Give us a call today or drop us an email to find out how we can help!

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