MSP Sandra White recognises Equator’s Digital Classroom

Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, has recognised Equator’s work in providing a digital classroom to support children and young people at Dunkirk Refugee Camp.

Earlier this year, a team from Equator visited the refugee camp in France, to help provide educational support to the 150 children living there.

The classroom consists of a wireless projector, 20 student tablets and a teaching pad, plus a range of educational apps aimed at children aged three to 18.

Sandra said: “I was delighted to hear about the work Equator has taken forward to help children in Dunkirk refugee camp; this will have a real lasting impact on these young people fleeing war and suffering.

“This critical educational opportunity goes a long way to covering the impact of their missed education and will help to provide opportunity and integration to these young people as they develop.

“The refugee crisis risks seeing a generation of young people displaced and will have wider long term implications if not addressed – these inspirational efforts show us what we can all do to make a difference, and I was please to celebrate Equator’s actions in a motion to the Scottish Parliament.”

Equator’s chief creative officer, James Jefferson, and senior designer Lindsey Carr met Sandra on 24 March to discuss the project in depth.

James said: “We are hopeful the Dunkirk classroom might be the pilot for an initiative that could be rolled out across other camps to prevent displaced children being starved of education.”

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