Enhanced Campaigns

During February, Google announced the introduction of Enhanced campaigns to AdWords, marking a significant change in the way campaigns will be structured and indeed function.

The addition of Enhanced campaigns removes the need to create and manage separate versions of what is essentially the same campaign in order to target different devices in a distinct fashion, instead allowing this to be done from a single campaign and making the entire process quicker and easier.

Examples of what is now possible from a single campaign include the following:

  • Having separate ads specifically targeting computers and high end mobiles. Despite both sets of ad copy being present within the one campaign, the relevant ad copy will only show on the appropriate devices.
  • Utilise a separate bidding strategy for different devices. This will be done by using bid multipliers for mobile devices that will be applied to the baseline bid set for computers and tablets.
  • Employ different ad extensions for different devices. Such as call extensions for high end mobiles, without the need for a separate mobile device targeted campaign to do so.

Despite the obvious advantage of the increased ease and efficiency with which multiple devices can now be targeted, the introduction of Enhanced campaigns does come with some drawbacks, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  • The ability to target tablets in a separate fashion will be lost. This is a result of the fact that tablets and computers will be grouped together in Enhanced campaigns. Google claim that data has shown that search behaviour on tablets is very similar to that of computers; however, in instances where advertisers had been able to achieve improved performance by targeting tablets separately, this isn't great news.
  • Targeting specific operating systems will no longer be possible. Again this represents a loss in the granularity of targeting options but may only prove an issue for advertisers who had found success by honing in on specific operating systems in the targeting of their campaigns.

The option to upgrade existing campaigns (or Legacy campaigns as Google now refers to them) to Enhanced campaigns is available now and Google's intention is to have all campaigns upgraded by mid-2013.

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