Change History Added to Google Analytics

A new Change History feature has been added to Google Analytics. This essentially provides a list of user activities for an account over the previous 180 days and allows visibility of who did what and when they did it.

Change History will only be available in Google Analytics to those who have administrator status and can be found in the Admin section. The new feature will include 3 columns showing the date the activity took place, the email of the user who performed the activity and details of the activity itself.

Change History Added to Google Analytics

The specific activities that the Change History will show centre on those that were made through the interface, such as changes to accounts, properties, profiles, filters or goals. However, it is important to note that it will not show changes to things such as the code on the relevant website, meaning it will still be important to monitor these separately.

Change History is a feature that has been available in AdWords for some time now and should prove a valuable addition to Google Analytics with the additional visibility it affords, making tasks such as identifying when a new user was added or when changes to a goal were made, much simpler.

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