Twitter Vine: the new big thing?

Last week, Twitter launched a new social video sharing service - Vine. Available as a separate App from the Apple Store for iPhones, Vine allows users to share short 6 second clips, much like Twitter only allows short 140 character messages.

"Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine inspires creativity," wrote Michael Sippey, Twitter's vice president of product.

Having been compared to Instagram, Vine allows users to easily edit their videos and share instantly on their Twitter feed. Already being used to supplement news reports, several brands have also began experimenting with the new platform. From Urban Outfitters' dogs to a Coffee shop showing off how they make a latte, Vine is proving to be a popular and inexpensive way to advertise products and add further value to the brand.

With some glitches still needing to be addressed and Facebook blocking the app's compatibility shortly after release, Vine hasn't gotten off to the smoothest of starts but is certainly showing strong promise in the world of social should Twitter maintain it correctly.

If you're wondering what Vine could add to your social outreach, why not drop us an email?

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